Blanton's Bourbon Letter S Stopper

Blanton’s Bourbon Letter S Stopper (click to enlarge)

Here is the letter “S” Blanton’s bourbon bottle stopper after being cut out of the original image.  In Photoshop, the image has a transparent background.  When I saved the image in jpg format for upload to the website, Photoshop put in a white background.  Note that the jockey’s head, the front edge of the statue, and the cork are all sharply focused as discussed in the previous post.

After creating images of each lettered bottle stopper, it was an easy matter to select the stopper and copy it into the master image that contains all eight images.  Note that “Blanton’s” contains two “N”s.  While I do have two letter “N” stoppers to form the complete set, I only shot one and copied it in both places (the horse pose is the same).  Think anyone will notice?

UPDATE:  Well, TWO people did notice that there are actually two different poses for the N bottle stopper.  I gurss it is time to head back to the ABC store!  (The ABC store is where us Virginia folks get our hard liquor.)

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