Muybridge: "The Horse in Motion" with Blanton's Bourbon Bottle Stoppers

Muybridge: “The Horse in Motion” with Blanton’s Bourbon Bottle Stoppers (click to enlarge)

Here is the composite image containing all eight letters of Blanton’s bourbon bottle stoppers.  Now you can see the resemblance to the Muybridge image.  The original of the image above is 100 inches wide by 18 inches tall (it was reduced greatly so that it would upload and display faster).  I have some friends who are big fans of Blanton’s.  I intend to customize this image and have them hang it in their party shed.

This was a good snowy day project that required some nice lighting problem solving and intermediate Photoshop skills.

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3 Responses to Muybridge: “The Horse in Motion” with Blanton’s Bourbon Bottle Stoppers (Part 4)

  1. Rick says:

    I just completed the collection of caps. Was looking for a display idea and found this. Wanted to let you know there are TWO different N’s. (N) and (N:)

  2. Nathalie says:

    Beautiful image! We’re working on our own collection. It looks like you’ve used the same cork for your two N’s though. Blanton’s created 8 distinct corks so that the two N’s are actually different. I think you may need to pick yourself up another bottle.

  3. Dan says:

    Great step-by-step explanation of the photography process! Very interesting and helpful! Looks like the two previous commenters pointed out the fact that there are two distinct “N” corks (adjusts whiskey nerd glasses).

    My only other comment/question is about the vertical position of the corks in the space. Obviously they are centered vertically, but did you consider shifting the center line down a bit to provide more focus on the horses and the Muybridge progression?

    Fantastic work!

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