Square Frame Stack

Square Frame Stack (click to enlarge)

A second image for the “stack o’something” composition category from the Brimfield Antique Show.  Unlike the stack of pointed frames in this post, I felt that the patterns and texture added more to the image than the color.  Using my trusty Silver Efex Pro from Googles Nik Software collection, I converted the image to black and white to stress those patterns and textures.

Brimfield Antique Show: N42 07 21.17 W72 12 01.82

Glenora Distillery Barrels

Glenora Distillery Barrels (click to enlarge)

Here are some oak barrels at the Glenora Distillery outside Inverness, Nova Scotia.  Glenora claims to be the first single malt whisky distillery in North America.  Not being a big scotch fan, I would not know about such things.  I am a big fan of bourbon, and the barrels Glenora uses to age their scotch come from Kentucky and once contained my beloved bourbon.

From front to back, this was a bit of a deep image.  Instead of using a small aperture to increase depth of field, I used a larger aperture for a smaller depth of field.  I took three images and focus stacked them in Photoshop to get a sharp image front to back.  Click this link for a focus stack tutorial from B&H Photo (this tutorial is for macro photography but the theory is the same used for the above image).

Glenora Distillery: N46 09 11.91 W61 19 25.90

Lobster Pots and Buoys

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Buoys and Pots

Lobster Pots and Buoys (click to enlarge)

Another lobster pot image taken on the pier at Port Morien, Nova Scotia.  Since the pots were pretty weather beaten, I went ahead and converted the pots to black and white and left color in the buoys and lines.  A little different look that gives the image sort of a split personality.

Port Morien, Nova Scotia: N46 07 51.86 W59 52 09.85

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