Welcome to Scott Shaw Photography.  After years of utilizing the “math” side of my brain (BS Economics, University of South Carolina, MS Operations Research, NavalPostgraduate School) I decided it was time to exercise the “artistic” half of my brain.

To grow my artistic side, I completed the Certificate in Professional Photography program at the Washington School of Photography.  This is an excellent program for any amateur photographer, even those with no desire to become a professional photographer. (My goal at the beginning of the program was to take better vacation photos!)

This blog focuses (mostly) on photographing the great outdoors.  It presents tips and techniques that might be of use to others with an interest in improving their own outdoor photography.  Why focus on outdoor photography?  I spent 20 years in the Marine Corps flying helicopters all over the world.  At the end of that 20 years I realized that I had flown over many interesting places, but had failed to truly see them.  Now, the thing I like best is to get in my car or on my bicycle, visit out of the way places, and just look around.

I especially like the great National Park system this country has to offer.  You’ll see that many of my images come from the national parks, or smaller state parks (some of which rival the national parks for scenery!).  Besides teachers, firemen, and police, I think the National Park system deserves a much larger share of the federal budget.

I hope you enjoy my blog and that you learn something that helps you improve your own photography!

Sand Dune Sunrise, Death Valley National Park


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  1. Dave Samples says:

    Scott: Website is great. Looks like the artistic side of your brain is growing. DWS

  2. Dian Hanley says:

    Very professional!!! Im impressed Scott!!

  3. Carrie Lewis says:

    Your photos are incredible!
    Thank you for sharing natures beauty through the eye of your camera lens..
    Love, Carrie

  4. Jeff Marquardt says:

    Scott, All these years and didn’t know this side of you! LOL Awesome hobby! Jeff

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