Phone Jacks

Phone Jacks (click to enlarge)

Backtracking here a little from Highland Village to Sherbrooke Village.  One of the buildings in Sherbrooke Village has a small telephone museum.  It is pretty interesting and they have one of the old switchboards.  Every time I see one of these I think of The Andy Griffith Show, an old American television show.  I imagine Andy calling Sarah the operator to get connected to Helen.

Anywau, just a little detail form Sherbrooke Village.

Sherbrooke Village: N45 08 17.65 W61 59 06.04

Printing Press Letters

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Typeset Letters

Printing Press Letters (click to enlarge)

Here is a wooden bin full of letters for the printing press at Sherbrooke Village, Nova Scotia.  Look closely and you can see that the letters are backwards.  For baseball fans the K  bin is full of batters striking out while looking; Max Scherzer must have been pitching (sorry for the hometown reference).

The printer spells out text in reverse so that it prints correctly.  You can see an example setup in this post for Joan’s Cinnamon Rolls.  It must be very hard to not only spell backwards right-to-left, but also do it with reversed letters.

Sherbrooke Village Printery: N45 08 17.65 W61 59 06.04

Joan’s Cinnamon Rolls

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Joans Cinnamon Rolls

Joan’s Cinnamon Rolls (click to enlarge)

Here is the recipe for Joan’s world famous cinnamon rolls.  Well, I don’t know that they are in fact world famous, but many people have received this recipe while touring Sherbrooke Village.

This is the recipe as set for printing in the Sherbrooke Village print shop.  The letters, cast in reverse, are laid out by hand in the holders.  The letters are inked and paper pressed over the letters to create a printed copy of the recipe.

You can watch the printers set the text and print other items.  The printers, like everyone at Sherbrooke Village, are willing to talk about their trades for as long as you want.  One could easily spend a full day wandering the town chatting with various people.

Sherbrooke Village Printery: N45 08 17.65 W61 59 06.04