Daring Southwest Rock Studded Fencepost

On May 29, 2024, in New Mexico, by admin

Nikon D810, 1/30 sec, f/10, 66mm, ISO 200

This is one of the reasons I spent so much unplanned time in Mountainair, NM. This is a section of fence surrounding one of the houses in Mountainair. I really wanted the fence and its elements to stand out from the background, so I used the Photoshop Lens Blur feature to blur the background elements in the image.

I do like that those Southwest-style colors on the house are still visible to add interest to the image.

Mountaineer Fencepost: 34.519297° -106.240959°

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Colorful Mountainair Tile Square Mosaic

On May 22, 2024, in New Mexico, by admin
Tile Mosaic (click image to enlarge)

Nikon D810, 1/80 sec, f/14, 31mm, ISO 200

Here is a tile mosaic on the wall of a building in the town of Mountaineer, New Mexico. Of special interest are the photos in the center of the mural. There is a placard next to the mural that telling the story of each image.

Honestly, Mountainair is a not a town I would randomly choose to visit. The only reason I went there was to visit the Salinas Pueblo Missions Headquarters Visitor Center. On this particular day, I was on a quest to visit the three pueblo sires of Abu, Quarai, and Gran Quivira. I spent much longer than planned in Mountainair because of all of the photographic opportunities I found while driving around town.

Mountaineer Wall Mural 34.520169° -106.242467°

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Salinas Pueblo Mission National Monument - Gran Quivira

Salinas Pueblo Mission National Monument – Gran Quivira (click to enlarge)

After stopping at the Salinas Pueblo Mission National Monument in Mountainair NM, you drive to the three pueblo sites.  Because of time and where I was headed (Santa Fe) I only had time to visit two of the three sites.  This is a detail image from the Gran Quivira site.

This image shows a series of stone walls taken from the east side of what the park brochure calls the later church. I composed this image from a low angle so that the five walls overlapped each other to form what, at first glance, looks to be a single wall.

On this day I had the usual clear blue skies common throughout my New Mexico road trip.  As a result, I did not bother shooting above the horizon.  Being grayish, the color of the stones did not really add to the composition.  I used  Silver Efex Pro from the Google Nik Collection (free!) to convert the image to black and white.  Converting the image to black and white places the emphasis on the repeating patterns formed by the rocks and the walls.

Salinas Pueblo Mission National Monument – Gran Quivira: N34 15 34.27 W106 05 31.75

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