Brier Island Lighthouse

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Brier Island Lighthouse

Brier Island Lighthouse (click to enlarge)

Another lighthouse.  This is Brier Island Lighthouse.  On this day we actually had nice puffy clouds, one of the few days during our entire trip.  This is a nice lighthouse to photograph, one of the few where you get the lighthouse and ocean in a nice composition.

We started our drive to Brier Island from the Town of Digby (the Scallop Capital of the World).  This was a scenic drive with involving two ferries.  Be mindful of your timing to ensure you don’t get caught up in two long ferry lines during the return trip.  The Balance Rock Trail is a popular hiking trail located between the two ferries.  If you delay your return to Digby you will get caught up in the crowd.

Brier Island Lighthouse: N44 15 06.30  W66 22 49.36

Glenora Distillery Barrels

Glenora Distillery Barrels (click to enlarge)

Here are some oak barrels at the Glenora Distillery outside Inverness, Nova Scotia.  Glenora claims to be the first single malt whisky distillery in North America.  Not being a big scotch fan, I would not know about such things.  I am a big fan of bourbon, and the barrels Glenora uses to age their scotch come from Kentucky and once contained my beloved bourbon.

From front to back, this was a bit of a deep image.  Instead of using a small aperture to increase depth of field, I used a larger aperture for a smaller depth of field.  I took three images and focus stacked them in Photoshop to get a sharp image front to back.  Click this link for a focus stack tutorial from B&H Photo (this tutorial is for macro photography but the theory is the same used for the above image).

Glenora Distillery: N46 09 11.91 W61 19 25.90

Balmoral Grist Mill Hammer

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Balmoral Grist Mill Grist Mill Hammer

Balmoral Grist Mill Grist Mill Hammer

This image comes from inside the Balmoral Grist Mill near Denmark, Nova Scotia.  If you have read some of my previous posts, you know that I am attracted to blacksmith shops (see Grant-Kohrs Ranch in Montana, and Saugus Ironworks outside Boston in particular).  While the Balmoral Grist Mill is obviously not a blacksmith shop, there was still an interesting composition involving a hammer.

One day I need to review my images and see how many hammer pictures I have.  There will probably be enough for a nice coffee table book!

Balmoral Grist Mill: N45 38 42.49 W63 11 41.15

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