Excelsior Geyser Crater, Yellowstone National Park

Excelsior Geyser Crater, Yellowstone National Park (click to enlarge)

Here is the runoff area from Excelsior Geyser Crater at Yellowstone National Park.  The crater is located next to the Grand Prismatic Spring so you get two photographic opportunities from one parking lot.  There is a lot of color and detail in this crater and not much steam to worry about.

There is water in the crater that runs out the green arm in the lower left of the image.  This green arm is quite prominent when viewed on Google Earth.

One minor irritation is the bounce in the boardwalk.  If you use a tripod you will have to capture images between people walking past your location.

Like most Yellowstone parking lots in August, this one fills up by early morning.  Throughout the day cars end up parking further and further away along Grand Loop Road away from the entrance to the parking lot.  The cars are also visible on Google Earth.

We were very fortunate to make one lap in the parking lot and then snagging a spot closet to the springs.  Rockstar!

Excelsior Geyser Crater N44 31 37.64 W110 50 11.73

Yellowstone River Rapids

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Yellowstone River Rapids

Yellowstone River Rapids (click to enlarge)

This image comes from the lower falls of the Yellowstone River.  The Brink of the Lower Falls trail takes you from parking along North Rim Drive to the top of the falls.  While the trail is pretty steep, views from the observation platform and noise from the water are well worth the effort.

Before arriving at the observation platform, the trail parallels to the Yellowstone River.  There are several rapids along this stretch of the river that make for images with an abstract or watercolor effect.  This image was taken with a shutter speed of 0.4 seconds, so use a tripod to eliminate photographer induced blur.

Yellowstone River Lower Falls Observation Area: N44 43 05.53 W110 29 46.81

Lower Falls, Yellowstone River

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Lower Falls, Yellowstone River

Lower Falls, Yellowstone River (click to enlarge)

This is the lower falls of the Yellowstone River as seen from Artist Point at Yellowstone National Park.  This is a nice sunrise spot with interesting compositions as the sun works its way up and across the canyon.

Before heading to Yellowstone I read Photographing Yellowstone National Park.  The book talks about the falls and how the cloud of mist turns luminous when lit by the sun at 9:45 in the morning.  When I read this I wondered if it was 9:45 day light savings time, mountain time, eastern time or what time was it really?  We were at Artist Point for sunrise and hung around to see if the mist would light up at 9:45.  We watched the sun march up and across the canyon and sure enough, at 9:45 as advertised, the mist started to light up.  Amazing, simply amazing.  The colored mist lasted about 15 minutes and then faded away.

One tip regarding a polarizing filter.  I initially had my polarizer set up to block reflections.  I could see the colored mist with my naked eye but not through my viewfinder.  I finally spun the polarizer and the colors popped right out.

Artist Point N44 43 12.50 W110 28 47.20

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