Remember the Maine!

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Maine Shield

Scroll and Shield from USS Maine

While driving through Bangor Maine we stopped at Davenport Park to see the Battleship Maine Monument.  The monument displays the ship’s scroll and shield recovered from the harbor of Havana Cuba.  These are mounted on blocks of grants that represent the prow of a ship.  Photographed from head on, the shield and scroll appear to be a mirror image.

For the image above, I changed one half of the image to black and white.  This accentuates the mirrored effect, seems to add depth to the image, and makes it difficult to determine if the center of the image is jutting towards or sinking away from the viewer.

Battleship Maine Monument: N44 47 50.59 W68 46 25.81

Drift Wood

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Driftwood Patterns

Driftwood Patterns

While walking on the beach in Costa Rica, I noticed these black patterns on the sand as water trickled from the jungle to the ocean.  I took several images of various patterns, but could not seem to get one in some sort of context, or one that was really interesting.

I then noticed this piece of driftwood with a sand pattern running away from it.  To me, this one kind of looks like water running from a faucet or shower head.

This is actually a composite of three images.  I used f/22 for each image and focused on the top, middle, and bottom of the composition.  Combining the three images in Photoshop results in an image that is sharp from top to bottom (focus stacking).

A single image focused in the middle of the composition would likely have resulted in blurring along the top and bottom of the image.  By using the focus stacking technique, I did not have to worry about depth of field and have sharply focused grains of sand throughout the image.

Costa Rican Beach: N10 36 37.48 W85 41 22.59

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Cinderella Castle GIF

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Cinderella Castle GIF

Cinderella Castle GIF (click on image to activate GIF animation)

During a recent trip to Walt Disney World, we watched one of the evening shows at the Magic Kingdom.  This show consisted of music and the ever-changing Cinderella’s Castle.  I had my camera on a tripod and tried to capture an image every time a new design appeared.  Because of the near constant changing of the design, many of the images captured the transition between designs and ended up as a blur of colors.

I did manage to capture about a dozen clear images of various designs.  In Photohop, you can stack these images together and create a gif file.  Click on the image above to activate the gif.  Use your browsers Back button to return to this page.

It might take a few seconds for the animation to begin, and it might also be jerky in the beginning.  The animation should smooth out the longer it plays.  I don’t know why it does this, this is the first attempt at making an animated gif file.

Cinderella’s Castle: N28 25 09.91 W081 34 52.11