Introducing Forgotten Rail Car EL C 191

On April 3, 2024, in Pennsylvania, by admin

Nikon D810, 1/20 sec, f/16, 55mm, ISO 400

This is a wide view of the rear of rail car EL C 191. A previous post zoomed in on the stanchion, wheel and door. Compared to the previous image, including more of the rail car in this image adds interesting details. The chains forming three sides of a square leads the viewers eyes around the image. There is also the purplish color on top and bottom divided by the silver and yellow bands in the middle. The same pattern is repeated by the yellow door splitting the image pin half.

This is the last image captured during an afternoon spent at Steamtown National Historic Site. I am pretty sure I could spend an entire day there and not run out of photo opportunities.

Steamtown National Historic Site: 41.407301° -75.671255°

A Fascinating Dilapidated Rail Car

On April 1, 2024, in Pennsylvania, by admin
Railroad Car, Steamtown National Historic Site (click image to enlarge)

Nikon D810, 1/60 sec, f/13, 48mm, ISO 640

The image above is like capturing slow motion dilapidation from left to right. Looking at the entire rail car, it doesn’t look too bad; a little paint scrapping, sanding, and paint, and it would be functional. Then you get to the right side of the car and you can see right through it.

I guess the National Park Service can’t save them all. This particular rail car seems destined to rot away until it is demolished and disposed of.

Steamtown National Historic Site: 41.407301° -75.671255°

Nikon D810, 2.5 secs, f/16, 58mm, ISO 400

This image shows two locomotives, Canadian National Railroad No. 3254 and Canadian Pacific Railroad No. 2317 in the roundhouse at Steamtown National Historic Site.

This image was easy to process; convert to black and white, a little contrast tweak, and done. I did not even have to crop the image. One little touch I did not notice when capturing the image is the starburst of light half way up the right side. That little starburst helps pull the eye from No. 3254 over to No. 2317.

It should be a rule that all images of old locomotives be converted to black and white.

Steamtown National Historic Site: 41.407301° -75.671255°

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