Buoys on Wall

On May 26, 2017, in Nova Scotia, by admin
Buoys on Wall

Buoys on Wall (click to enlarge)

Here is another image from the small town of Peggys Cove, Nova Scotia.  While the lighthouse is the big draw to this area, be sure to wander through the town around the small cove.

Buoys on the wall like those above always make for a solid composition.  I have collected many such images over the years.  I have them with buoys packed on the wall and sparsely on the wall like above.  I have shot them from the front, from the side, shooting up and shooting down.

It is always worth pulling out your camera and tripod and spending time when you see buoys hanging on a wall like this.

Peggys Cove Buoy Wall: N44 29 35.49 W63 54 55.87

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Lobster Buoys and Lines

On May 25, 2017, in Nova Scotia, by admin
Lobster Lines

Lobster Lines (click to enlarge)

I found this pile of lobster buoys and lines next to the visitor center parking lot in Peggys Cove Nova Scotia.  This was one of those throwaway shots you take while waiting for your spouse to talk to the people in the visitor center.

I was not sure how the image would turn out because of all of the things in the background.  Instead of trying to capture the whole mound shaped pile, I zoomed in to get the circles of line and the buoys.  It turned out to be a nice colorful image.

Lobster Lines, Peggy’s Cove N44 29 39.15 W63 54 49.76

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Blue Rocks Fish House

On May 24, 2017, in Nova Scotia, by admin
Blue Rock Fishing House

Blue Rock Fishing House (click to enlarge)

Here is a fishing house in the middle of a cove near Blue Rocks Nova Scotia.  Unlike the Row Boat and Red House and Blue Boat Aground images, we did not stumble upon this composition.  I had seen pictures of this house on a Nova Scotia website while planning our trip.  During our stay in Lunenburg we intentionally set out looking for this house.

Before leaving home I used GoogleEarth to get the coordinates for a gravel pull-off in the cove.  Our Garmin GPS accepts latitude and longitude coordinates, so we had no trouble finding the house.  After working the house for some time, we set off wandering and found those other locations.

You can see from the sea grass that when the tide is in, this house is completely cut off from the shoreline.  Even in low tide, the house is completely surrounded by water.

Blue Rocks Fishing House N44 21 21.24 W64 14 50.46

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