Sensational Fence and Shadows

On June 12, 2024, in New Mexico, by admin
Santa Fe Fencepost (click image to enlarge)

Nikon D810, 1/60 sec, f/22, 24mm, ISO 200

I captured this image of a fencepost and its shadow in front of Santa Fe’s Loretto Chapel before opening time. The morning sun in that area of Santa Fe makes for such great photography. I was able to capture four blog worthy images within five minutes of each other just waiting for Loretto Chapel to open.

What a great photography destination…

Santa Fe Fencepost: 35.685557° -105.937788°

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Finding Hope in a Crucifix Tree

On June 10, 2024, in New Mexico, by admin
Hanging Crucifixes (click image to enlarge)

This is a wider angle image of one posted a while back (posted here). I usually avoid duplicate images of a subject, but I think this different composition is worth sharing. This one adds more depth to the image with the additional crucifix layers than the previous post.

This tree is located immediately to the left of the entrance to Loretto Chapel.

Loretto Chapel Crucifix Tree: 35.685571° -105.937577°

Mesmerizing Shadows on the Window

On June 5, 2024, in New Mexico, by admin

Nikon D810, 1/13 sec, f/16, 100mm, ISO 200

While waiting for Santa Fe’s Loretto Chapel to open, I spent time walking around the block. As it was early morning, the sun was side lighting buildings on the street. This side lighting created long shadows and highlights texture on the adobe walls.

This image is a split composition between the geometric shadows on the top half and the still life of the window and flowers on the bottom half. Unfortunately, the white flowers in the left side of the planter box are blown out and lost all detail. Being the brightest spot in the image, the eye is drawn those flowers and likely disappointed by the lack of detail.

A good composition, but flawed execution…

Santa Fe Windows: 35.684942° -105.937585°

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