Ranch Sharpening Tool Grant-Kohrs Ranch

Ranch Sharpening Tool Grant-Kohrs Ranch (click to enlarge)

Here is a tool used to sharpen farm implements.  This tool is located in the blacksmith shop at Grant-Kohrs Ranch National Historic Site.    The circles of the gears and the teeth make for a classic repetitive pattern composition.

In this image I relied upon a large aperture setting to increase depth of field.  I think I should have used the stacked focus technique to get sharper focus throughout the gears.  Given how close I was to the subject and the 70mm focal length on my lens, I was not going to get depth of field sharpness throughout the depth of the subject using aperture alone.  Not sure what I was thinking as focus stacking is usually my go-to technique for depth of field.

Oh well, maybe next time…

Grant-Kohrs Ranch National Historic Site N 46°24’31”  W 112°44’19”

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