Yellowstone National Park Photography Locations

On January 24, 2017, in Wyoming, by admin

This map shows photography locations during our trip to Yellowstone National Park.  I’ll describe each location from the top (north) to the bottom (south) using the numbers in the yellow squares.  The numbers represent the number of images taken at each location (there were many, many more than this, these are just the ones that made the final cut).

Photographing Yellowstone National Park is a great resource to use while planning your trip.  While driving around Yellowstone and Grand Teton Parks, use National Geographic’s Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks Road Guide.

  • (11) Roosevelt Arch at the north entrance to the National Park.  The front to the arch faces west.  If you are there in the morning, the sun is behind the arch and you get a silhouette and no detail on the front of the arch.
  • (4) Mammoth Hot Springs and the Fort Yellowstone area.  I wish I had lots more time at Mammoth Hot Springs.  Put this at the top of your list.
  • (7) Random pull-out along the road where a bison was posing for all to see
  • (99) Norris Geyser Basin and Artist Paint Pots areas.  Put both of these on your must do list.
  • (28) Artist Point Overlook viewing the lower falls of the Yellowstone river.  A must do location about 9:45 AM.
  • (6) Another random roadside pull-out with a large herd of bison
  • (114) Lower Geyser Basin and Grand Prismatic Spring.  Don’t miss Grand Prismatic Spring
  • (11) Old Faithful.  Gotta see it, but not very photogenic…
  • (3) South entrance to Yellowstone
  • (5) North entrance to Gran Teton National Park
  • (17) Signal Mountain.  Well worth the drive.

The next couple of posts will present images taken at these locations.  We spent the better part of four days at the park, and it was not nearly enough time to scratch a photographer’s itch.  Unfortunately, the park is so large you will spend a lot of time in the car driving from one location to another.


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