Chimney Twins, Fort Union National Monument

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Chimney Twins, Fort Union National Monument

Chimney Twins, Fort Union National Monument (click to enlarge)

Here is another image of the remaining chimneys at Fort Union National Monument (click here for another blog entry).  Like the previous blog entry image, this one also has that time marches on quality to it.  The background chimney still has some wall attached while the foreground chimney is bereft of walls.  You can almost imagine this set of chimneys slowly disappearing like a row of dominos.

Fort Union Chimneys: N35 54 25.28 W105 00 45.06

Chimney and Shingle Roof

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Chimney and Shingle Roof

Chimney and Shingle Roof (click to enlarge)

I took this image at the principal keeper’s quarters at Cape Hatteras Lighthouse.  This is actually part of a much larger, totally uninteresting image.  I just happened to shoot it while waiting for my wife to finish a tour of the double keeper’s quarters next door.  Just for giggles, when we returned home I started using Photoshop’s Crop tool to try and find the “image within the image”.

Notice that there are few, if any, lines in the shingles or the chimney parallel to any edge of the image.  I think the closest parallel line is the front edge of the chimney.  As I moved around the Crop tool in Photoshop, it really looked like the edges of the Crop tool were askew.  I had to check several times to make sure I had not hit some hidden, little used, option on the Crop  tool and that the edges of the tool were truly square to each other.

Look closer at the image above.  Does the lower left corner appear to be closer to the title text than the lower right corner?  It sure appears that way to me, but I know each corner is the same height from the text.  This is a pretty good optical illusion for a throwaway image.

Location: N35 15 04.67 W075 31 45.47

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