Loretto Chapel Votive Candles

On October 14, 2017, in New Mexico, by admin
Loretto Chapel Votif Candles

Loretto Chapel Votif Candles (click to enlarge)

Here is a detail image of the motif candles near the alter of the Loretto Chapel in Santa Fe, NM.  The big draw for this chapel is the Miraculous Staircase which you can read about here and here.  Here is my image of the staircase.  The stair case is very impressive!

There is a recording playing in the chapel telling the history of the chapel itself and the staircase.  It is worth the time to sit and listen to this recording several times.

Photographically, it is pretty dark in the chapel so bring a tripod for long exposures.  There are lots of little details like this throughout the chapel.  Trying to get a good image of the staircase itself will be a good exercise in HDR imaging.

Loretto Chapel: N35 41 08.23 W105 56 15.06

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