Stone Hut, Highland Village Nova Scotia

Stone Hut, Highland Village, Iona Nova Scotia (click to enlarge)

So how would you like to work the fields all day and return to this stone hut as your home sweet home?

This stone hut is at Highland Village Nova Scotia,  one of 11 historic properties at the site.  In the background is Bras d’Or Lake.

This hut depicts settler life in the 1700s.  Obviously, the lack of windows makes it somewhat dark inside.  It was surprising how roomy the hut is inside.  There is plenty of room for the kitchen, beds, your seven kids, and a barnyard animal or two.

I wonder how they get the lawnmower on the roof to trim the grass?

Highland Village: N45 56 54.26  W60 49 03.76

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Phone Jacks

Phone Jacks (click to enlarge)

Backtracking here a little from Highland Village to Sherbrooke Village.  One of the buildings in Sherbrooke Village has a small telephone museum.  It is pretty interesting and they have one of the old switchboards.  Every time I see one of these I think of The Andy Griffith Show, an old American television show.  I imagine Andy calling Sarah the operator to get connected to Helen.

Anywau, just a little detail form Sherbrooke Village.

Sherbrooke Village: N45 08 17.65 W61 59 06.04

Bottle Shelf, Highland Village, Nova Scotia

Bottle Shelf, Highland Village, Nova Scotia (click to enlarge)

Here are antique bottles on a shelf in one of the houses at Highland Village in Iona, Nova Scotia.  The original had the brownish two-tone bottles up against a beige wall.  Too much beige for me so I used Silver Efex Pro to convert to black and white.

The village has several buildings full of knick-knacks.  If it rains while you are there, duck into one of the buildings (or huts!), and spend some time photographing knick-knacks and details.

Highland Village: N45 56 54.26  W60 49 03.76