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Italian Gelateria Poster

Gelateria of Italy Poster (click to enlarge)

Posters make a nice reminder of a special trip.  During your trip take lots of pictures with a theme of some sort.  Better yet, pick several potential themes since you never know how many images you will get of one theme, or if that theme will even work once you start building your poster.  Everyone has seen posters of Irish Doors,  many towns have posters of the various bars.  You should build your own posters to personalize the memories hanging on your walls.

The poster above has the signs of various gelateria we visited during an Italian vacation.  Along the edges of the poster are the flavors of gelato we enjoyed (I should say thoroughly enjoyed!).  Yes, we had over 50 different flavors.  The signs are from gelateria in Venice, Florence, Sienna, Manarola, Bellagio, Vernazza, and San Gimignano.  Not a bad gelatto among the entire bunch!

The best?  Far and away Vizio Virtu in Venice.

This poster is 24″ x 36″.   I had it printed out at Costco for less than $10, a real bargain!

Traghetto Oars

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Traghetto Oars

Traghetto Oars, Venice Italy

Here are some oars stacked against the wall at the Pescheria-Santa Sofia traghetto crossing in Venice, Italy.  I entered this image in the Northern Virginia Photographic Society monthly competition.  This was a “themed” competition with the theme being “Abandoned and Discarded”.  Out of 26 images entered in Class 3, this image took Honorable Mention (ribbons were given for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, with 4 Honorable Mentions).  The Judge liked the diagonals of the oars and the fact that the vertical lines were indeed vertical.  The judge did mention that the image was cropped a little too close to the oars along the bottom.  So watch those edges when you crop!

Class 3 is defined as “Any Club member who has demonstrated photographic skills at levels of consistently high quality and creativity or is a working professional photographer”.  This is the top class out of three classes for NVPS competitors.

Location: N43 04 13.68  E011 38 03.40

Saverio Pastor’s Workshop

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Saverio Pastor's Workshop

Saverio Pastor’s Workshop

Here is another “quick panorama” where I took two images and stitched them together in Photoshop.  This was before I had my Really Right Stuff PG-02 Pro Omni-Pivot Package panorama head, so I did lose much of the image.

This is the interior of Saverio Pastor’s workshop on the Fondamenta Soranzo in Venice, Italy.  Saverio handcrafts the fórcola (plural fórcole) which is the rowlock or oar post used in traditional Venetian boats, the most well-known type of boat being the gondola.  They are quite beautiful, you can see for yourself at  We had a very nice conversation with Saverio, we were the only ones in the shop with him.  Amazingly, he understood most of our Italian and in the end wished us a happy anniversary.  You can stop by his shop and watch him work at Dorsoduro 341, Fondamenta Soranzo 30123 Venezia, Italy.
Location: N45 25 49.45  E012 19 57.40


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