Musket Organ (click to enlarge)

We spent a few days in Springfield on a recent trip to western Massachusetts.  Being a National Park aficionado, I had to spend time at the Springfield Armory National Historic Site.  Photography wise, the big draw at the armory is the so called Musket Organ shown above.

The first afternoon I spent about an hour at the armory with my wife.  Of course, this was nowhere near enough time for a photographer, so I returned the next day while my wife was doing other things.  I spent close to three hours in the armory looking at the displays but mostly photographing these muskets.  There are just so many detailed compositions in this rack of muskets that I could not stop working my camera.

This is the third national historic site in Massachusetts that I have visited that would keep a photographer happy for hours on end.  Along with Springfield Armory, Saugus Ironworks and Lowell national historic sites are worth a day apiece during any tour of Massachussetts.

Springfield Armory National Historic Site: N42 06 27.73 W72 34 52.95



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