Textile Bobbins, Lowell National Historical Park

Textile Bobbins, Lowell National Historical Park (click to enlarge)

Lowell is another town we had never visited in our trips to Boston.  My mother grew up in Lowell, which makes it doubly strange we had never visited.  Besides seeing the house mom grew up in, we visited Lowell National Historic Park.

This place is amazing!  The National Park Service and the town of Lowell have done such a great job with the textile mills and worker housing in the area.  The Mill Girls and Immigrants exhibit was especially enlightening.

They still make textiles to sell in the bookstore using the original equipment.  When you tour the inside of the mill, wear earplugs!  The machinery and shuttles banging back and forth weaving the linens make quite the racket.

Lowell National Historic Park N42 38 49.89 W71 18 34.32

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