Ricksecker Perfumes

Ricksecker Perfumes (click to enlarge)

One last image from Sherbrooke Village in Nova Scotia.  One of the little houses is a drug store with period bottles, cartons and other goods.  The above image is a row of perfume bottles sitting on a shelf.  I like the names on the bottle, they are not names that one would associate with modern perfumes.

Because you can find anything on the internet, this link provides a history of Ricksecker Perfumes.  According to that website, the Washington is from 1884, I think  That is the only perfume with Washington in the name listed on the website.  That perfume is named after Martha Washington, “after whom Mr. Ricksecker has named “the first perfume of the land””.  The White Rose is from 1889, Jockey Club is from 1909.  I am guessing those are the years perfumes bearing those names were introduced and not necessarily the year of those bottles.

Sherbrooke Village: N45 08 16.67   W61 59 04.23