Sante Fe Diagonals

On October 7, 2017, in New Mexico, by admin
Sante Fe Diagonals

Sante Fe Diagonals (click to enlarge)

Here is one reason to get up early when you visit Santa Fe.  The wooden posts on the sides of many buildings form nice diagonals as the sun rises.  As the sun rises, the diagonals get shorter and shorter, and move further and further towards straight up and down.  I passed by this location about an hour after I took this image and the diagonals were essentially gone.

I found this set of diagonals at the intersection of Olde Santa Fe Trail and East Water streets.  Because I was there so early, there was very little traffic on the streets.  I was able to set my tripod in the middle of the intersection and take several images before a car drove up.

Santa Fe diagonals: N35 41 09.40 W105 56 18.02

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