Musket Hammers

On October 30, 2017, in Massachusetts, by admin

Musket Hammers (click to enlarge)

Here is the last detail image of the Musket Organ at Springfield Armory National Historic Site.  I have dozens more of these detail images, but this will be the last I post here.

Click on the image and see blemishes and different grain patterns on the stocks and metal parts (and dust accumulation on the sights).  Notice the 1862 engraved to the left of the each hammer.  I did not notice those when I was taking the images.  I wonder if they indicate the year the musket was made?

It is amazing how many neat images one can get from the Musket Organ by zooming in more and more and changing angles.  I think zooming in on the musket stocks themselves would yield some nice textures for use in photoshop.  Closeups of the hammer and trigger would make a neat “industrial” type image.

Soooo many possibilities; one could spend most of a day here.

Springfield Armory National Historic Site: N42 06 27.73 W72 34 52.95

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