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Fort Jefferson Moat

Fort Jefferson Moat

Photoshop Actions make your workflow so much easier.  If you shoot RAW images, you know that they need at least some tweaking when they come out of the camera.  Instead of manually adding layers and tweaking each image every time, I have an action that adds a standard set of layers with a single mouse click.  Running the Action adds the following layers, each of which is preset to my preferred setting:



The preferred settings serve as a starting point.  I can delete the Adjustment Layer if I want, or make additional tweaks to the layers.  Better yet, I have this Action set-up on a Droplet so that I can add my presets to many files at once.  Click on the files, drag them to the droplet, and presto, each file has the new Adjustment Layers all ready for the finishing touch.

The image on the left is the RAW file without any tweaks.  The image on the right is after I run the Action with all of the preset tweaks.  All with a single click of the mouse.

Location: N24 37 43.99  W082 52 28.32

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