Yavapi Point Sunset

On January 26, 2024, in Arizona, by admin
Yavapi Point Sunset, Grand Canyon National Park (click image to enlarge)

Nikon D810, 98mm, ISO 200, 1/20 sec, f/14.

This is a focus-stacked image from Yavapi Point in Grand Canyon National Park. It consists of four images each focused on a different part of the landscape. In this image, I focused on each of the ridge lines from front to back. In Lightroom I use the Photo -> Edit In -> Open as Layers in Photoshop command to move the four image into Photoshop. Inside Photoshop I aligned the images and then merged them into one. I then flattened the image, moved it back into Lightroom, and did some minor edits.

The sky in this image is quite boring. I could have used Photoshop’s Replace Sky feature to fix this, but I find that the foreground detail, repeated ridge lines, and shadows draw the eye away from the sky and one tends to forget the sky even exists in this image.

I do a lot of this workflow using a Loupedeck CT. The Loupedeck allows me to execute multiple commands using a single button click. As an example, instead of three mouse clicks to execute the Photo -> Edit In -> Open as Layers in Photoshop command, I do this with a single button click on my Loupedeck.

Yavapi Point: 36.066459° -112.116148°

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