Williamsburg Christmas Wreath #1

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Williamsburg Christmas Wreath #1

Williamsburg Christmas Wreath #1 (click to enlarge)

Because it is the holiday season, I can finally post images from last year’s visit to Colonial Williamsburg.  Each year, they hang Christmas wreaths and other decorations throughout the Colonial Williamsburg area.  The interesting part is that all material used in the decorations must have been available to the colonists.

The Christmas decorations walking tour explains the history of the tradition, how the wreaths are made, and the material that makes up each wreath.  The tour is fascinating as you learn how the colonists made such amazing decorations without the materials and tools we take for granted today.

The wreath above is probably the most dense of those we saw.  The number of different plants, as well as the sheer number of items in this wreath, far exceed any other wrath on the tour.

Williamsburg Christmas Wreaths: N37 16 28.91 W76 42 00.63


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