Daly Mansion Wallpaper

On March 11, 2017, in Montana, by admin
Daly Mansion Wallpaper

Daly Mansion Wallpaper (click to enlarge)

This image shows a section of wallpaper in the Daly Mansion in Hamilton MT.  From a photographic standpoint there is nothing great about this image.  What is amazing about this image is that this wallpaper is hand painted!  When you look at the repeating patterns around the room, all of them appear nearly identical but each is hand painted.

This wallpaper is in the first room in the Daly Mansion that serves as the souvenir shop where you pay your fee.  I cannot imagine the talent and time it took to do the wallpaper in this room.

Daly Mansion: N46 16 03.72 W114 08 34.54

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