Daly Mansion Radiator Detail

On March 7, 2017, in Montana, by admin
Detail image of a radiator in Daly Mansion, Hamilton MT

Radiator Detail (click to enlarge)

This image shows the detail in a radiator at the Daly Mansion in Hamilton MT.  As with the previous Gloves on a Bed post, I originally thought to make this a black and white image.  Like the gloves, I decided the black and white conversion did not exactly look the way I wanted.

I think the natural color gives more of an antique feeling to the image than the black and white version. The original colors also shows the shift in the tint of the paint as you go from the right front to the back left of the image.

I really like the repeating patterns, especially with the circles starting about mid-image and moving to the left.  They did not allow tripods in the mansion when I was there.  If they had, I would have taken several images with different focus points and then stacked those to get a sharp image along the length of the radiator.

Daly Mansion: N46 16 03.72 W114 08 34.54

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