Horse Shoe Bandana

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Horsehoe Bandana

Horse Shoe Bandana (click to enlarge)

Here is a wall hanging at my friends house in Montana.  Being Montana, the horse shoe motif is rampant everywhere you go.  In the original image the horse shoes are rust colored and hanging on a brown wall.  That setting accentuates the faded red bandana.

In my image I wanted to make the bandana really shine.  I converted the image to black and white, then used a layer mask to expose the original bandana colors.  This gives the viewers eye two images to explore in a single image.  The eye can explore textures, shapes, and patterns in the horse shoes and wall and then focus on the bandana weaving around the horse shoes.

Using layer masks to eliminate or highlight different parts of an image is a common task in Photoshop.  I first learned this technique at the Washington School of Photography which sadly no longer exists.  Fortunately, there are many tutorials on how to do this such as this one.

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