Cartridge Belt, Big Hole National Battlefield

On February 26, 2017, in Montana, by admin
Big Hole National Park Cartridge Belt

Big Hole National Park Cartridge Belt (click to enlarge)

Here is part of a cartridge belt on display at Big Hole National Battlefield near Wisdom, Montana.  This entire cartridge belt included 50 rounds of ammunition.  That belt weighed a TON!  I can not imagine lugging that thing around during battle.  Even more so, I can not imagine being hit by one of those rounds!

The original image has the entire cartridge belt sitting on a red table cloth.  Being as the belt is from the 1800s and the red table cloth did not add to the image, I decided to crop in tight and convert to black and white.  I did the conversion using Silver Efex Pro from the Google Nik Collection (it is free).

I found the story of the Battle of Big Hole to be quite emotional.  Without going into detail, you might find yourselves rooting for the underdog Nez Perce Indians.

Big Hole National Battlefield N45 38 28.84 W113 38 36.31

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