Mud Pot, Yellowstone National Park

On February 10, 2017, in Wyoming, by admin
Bubbling mud at Yellowstone National Park

Bubbling mud at Yellowstone National Park

Here is one of the famous mud pots at Yellowstone National Park.  You can waste hours watching these bubbles inflate and then pop.  Once they pop, they resemble fried eggs.

To capture a popping bubble, I focused on an area that seemed to have a lot of activity.  I watched the area I focused on and used a cable release to trip the shutter whenever a bubble looked like it was getting ripe.

Since these bubbles are in hot springs, there is a constant veil of steam moving across the bubbles.  Because of the steam, I was concerned that I would not get any usable images.  In post-processing, I discovered the Dehaze control in Camera Raw 9.1.  Using the Dehaze slider made quick work of the steam and sharpened the image right up.  Very impressive!

Artist Paint Pots, Yellowstone National Park N44 41 33.77 W110 44 16.75


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