Sunset at Cape Neddick Lighthouse

On September 5, 2015, in Maine, by admin
Sunset at Cape Neddick Lighthouse

Sunset at Cape Neddick Lighthouse

I recently received an email from the Dave Morrow Photography website with a link to a night sky editing tutorial.  I thought to myself “Hey, I have some night sky images of Cape Neddick Lighthouse from my recent Nova Scotia holiday”.  I watched Dave’s tutorial and used some of his techniques on my image.

I took this image from the rocks across the channel from the lighthouse along with 8-10 other photographers.  I spent about an hour before and after sunset capturing images to see how the light changed.  I was actually out there so long that my wife, who did not pay attention where I set up, thought I had fallen into the water; she didn’t do anything, but at least she had the thought…

As you can see by the water, I used very slow shutter speeds, 30 seconds in this particular image.  It might look like the image was taken during the day, but that is just a result of the the long exposure time and the “blue hour” that follows sunset.

N43 09 55.11 W070 35 27.89

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