T-Bird Trunk Ornament

On August 15, 2017, in New Mexico, by admin
T-Bird Trunk Ornament

T-Bird Trunk Ornament (click to enlarge)

Another image from the parking lot of the 66 Diner (another image here). As I was leaving the diner, a young guy and his friend pulled up in a great looking classic Thunderbird.  One of the guys went to the trunk and pulled out their old school high school letter jackets.  I talked to them for a bit and snapped off a quick shot of the Thunderbird emblem on the side of the car.

I like that there is a lot going on in this image.  The sun rays reflecting off the top of the emblem add a sense of motion.  The shadow outline below the emblem, the red eye, and the turquoise blue of the emblem give the viewers eyes numerous things to explore.

When you visit Albuquerque, stop by the 66 Diner.  Maybe it will be your lucky day and the T-Bird will be visiting.

66 Diner: N35 04 55.20 W106 37 49.85

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