Blue Boat Aground

On May 10, 2017, in Nova Scotia, by admin
Blue Boat Aground

Blue Boat Aground (click to enlarge)

Here is a beached boat we drove past on the way to the location of the Row Boat and Red House image from a previous post.  We had no idea what we would find when we started down the road, it just seemed like a place we should visit.

You can see this boat clearly on GoogleEarth using the coordinates below.  There is also a picture of the boat on GoogleEarth.  I wish I had that blue sky when we were there!

Blue Boat Aground N44 21 35.3 W64 14 19.91

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Row Boat and Red House

On April 24, 2017, in Nova Scotia, by admin
Row Boat

Row Boat and Red House (click to enlarge)

This image comes from near Lunenburg Nova Scotia.  While staying in Lunenburg, we spent a few hours driving Blue Rocks Road to explore the area east of Lunenburg.  We found this little scene at, literally, the end-of-the-road in Stonehurst East.  At the time we were randomly taking turns in the road just to see what was out there.  This is the first of three nice images taken between Lunenburg and Stonehurst East.

During our trip around Nova Scotia we frequently left the main roads and randomly wandered around the coast.  If you go to Nova Scotia, take the scenic route and allow yourself plenty of time to explore and become distracted by all of these little coves, piers, and the coastline.

Stonehurst East Nova Scotia N44 21 48.99 W64 12 44.97

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