Tartan, Great Hall of the Clans at the Gaelic College

Tartan, Great Hall of the Clans at the Gaelic College (click to enlarge)

Here is part of a tartan display at the Great Hall of the Clans at the Gaelic College in Saint Ann’s, Nova Scotia.  The complete display shows the tartan for every Scottish clan.

For those with a Scottish heritage, this is a must visit site on Cape Breton Island.  Here you can see everything Scottish such as music (piping, fiddle, piano), dancing, sing alongs, and crafts.  Don’t miss the lunchtime ceilidhs in the school cafeteria Monday – Friday.

Saint Anns Nova Scotia: N46 12 47.16 W60 36 16.41

Lighthouse Gears

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Lighthouse Gears

Lighthouse Gears (click to enlarge)

Here is part of the gearing mechanism that spins the light in the St. Paul Island South Point Lighthouse located in Dingwall, Nova Scotia.  I think this is the first time in all of the lighthouses we have visited that we actually saw the gearing.  The gears are in plain sight as you climb the short staircase to the top.

Of course, the lighthouse is no longer on St. Paul Island.  It was moved some years back to Dingwall.  When you drive up to the lighthouse, it appears to be in someones font yard.  The house is actually a small, well kept and informative museum.

St. Paul Island South Point Lighthouse: N46 54 06.60 W60 27 31.62

Louisbourg Lighthouse, Nova Scotia

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Louisbourg Lighthouse

Louisbourg Lighthouse (click to enlarge)

While visiting Fortress Louisbourg, be sure to visit the lighthouse of the same name located across the bay.  I think this is the third lighthouse I have posted from our Nova Scotia trip.  I could post many, many, many lighthouse images but some of them just are not that interesting.

Should you ever visit Nova Scotia, I highly encourage you to visit every single light house that you can.  While driving between lighthouses I guarantee you will stumble upon a composition that you would not have otherwise found.

Louisbourg Lighthouse: N45 54 24.03 W59 57 30.57

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