Hidden Lake Overlook, Glacier National Park

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Hidden Lake Overview, Glacier National Park

Hidden Lake Overview, Glacier National Park (click to enlarge)

Here is the view from the Hidden Lake overlook at Glacier National Park.  The hike to the overlook is about 2.7 miles round trip from the Logan Pass Visitor Center.

The hike itself is not the least bit strenuous.  The first part is a boardwalk through an alpine meadow.  This scenic section is chock full of wide open panorama landscapes.  You can continue down from the overlook to Hidden Lake itself.  The trail goes along the right side of the image to the far right side of the lake.  Going down to the lake doubles the mileage, and also the elevation gain.  Easy to get down, much tougher to get back up!

We saw several mountain goats along the trail.  The first one we saw looked like a stuffed display standing by the side of the trail.  The goat did not move as we approached and eventually walked by it.  In another area two mountain goats walked within 10 yards of where we were standing.

One word of advice, get to the Logan Pass Visitor Center early!  We arrived in the parking lot around 0700 and it was filling up.  We returned to the parking lot around 1100 and it was packed with cars continuously circling looking for parking.  Shortly afterwards park rangers closed the parking lot completely.  Evidently rangers periodically close the parking lot to let traffic thin out.  We saw the same thing happen in Yellowstone National Park (I will post images from that trip later).

Hidden Lake Overlook N48 41 14.02 W113 44 29.72

Lake McDonald Shoreline, Glacier National Park

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Lake McDonald Shoreline at Glacier National Park

Lake McDonald Shoreline at Glacier National Park

This image captures the shoreline of Lake McDonald at Glacier National Park, Montana.  An image on Page 48 of The Photographer’s Guide to Glacier National Park has these rocks in the foreground and snow capped mountains with their lake reflection in the background.  This book is a must read for photographers traveling to Glacier National Park.

I did get lakeside for sunrise after an early wake-up call which my wife did not especially appreciate.  Given that the image in the book shows snow, I am guessing the sun must have to rise further to the south in winter to get the snow capped reflection.  Given I was there in the summer, the sunrise was more to the north and lit up the side of the mountain instead of the front.  I took a few images but the timing was just not right to capture one like Page 48 of that book.

I am not a geologist, so I don’t know what kind of rocks these are.  I liked the colors of the rocks, and they way the colors darken when the rocks are wet.

Lake McDonald Shoreline N48 36 27.4 W113 53 06.44

Glacier National Park Photography Overview

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(click to enlarge)

Here is a map view of my photography locations during a the summer trip to Glacier National Park.  Each orange box with numbers shows a location and the number of images taken there.  The map is a screen capture from the Map Module in Adobe Lightroom.  I used a Bad Elf GPS Tracker to log my location throughout the trip.  I then merged the saved tracks form the GPS tracker with the images in Lightroom.

Here are the locations and the images, starting from the “8” on theft side of the map:

“8” – Polebridge Mercantile.  Inside the mercantile are some knick knacks and bakery items of photographic interest.

“5” and “6” on Lake McDonald.  Some good vista images of the lake and surrounding hills.

“20” and “27” are Logan Pass Visitor Center and Hidden Lake Overlook.  Lots of landscapes and fields of flowers during the walk to the overlook.

“14” is a stop along the Going to to the Sun Road before the Logan’s Pass Visitor Center.  Several waterfalls and scenic vistas in this area

“18” is a stop along the Going to to the Sun Road past the Logan’s Pass Visitor Center.  More waterfalls and scenic vistas in this area

The blank square is a single image at a waterfall at the top of Saint Mary Lake

“161” is the Lost Goose Island overlook.  This is the iconic image for Glacier National Park.  I spent several hours there from well before sunrise until about 0900.  Still have a LOT of images to review and delete.

“31” is a waterfall beside the Many Glacier Hotel

Not shown are a lot of images taken from one of the tour boats on Saint Mary Lake.  I forgot to start my GPS tracker that day.

With the exception of the Hidden Lake Overlook, all of the images were taken within 100 yards of the main road.  I was with a non-hiker and only had a few days in the park, so I did not wander to any of the more remote photography locations.


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