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River House Deck Chairs

My wife and I were visiting our neighbors at their river house in West Virginia.  While I was busy washing the dock, my wife helped build these new adirondack chairs.  When they finished, they put them on the dock and had a nice cocktail while I put up the cleaning supplies.

When I returned to the dock I noticed how the bright colors of the chairs really stood out from the background.  I had the girls position the chairs and move outside the frame.   I originally thought of this as a “throwaway” image.  However, once the girls saw the image they immediately fell in love with it.  Our neighbor now has a print hanging on her wall.

The bright chairs in the foreground grab the viewers eyes.  The background trees reflecting on the river combined with bubbles on the river make for an interesting, second subtle element in the image.

This image always garners comments at our shows.

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