Bells, Thomas Cole National Historic Site

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Bells, Thomas Cole National Historic Site

Bells (click to enlarge)

These bells are sitting on a table in Cedar Grove, the home of Thomas Cole.  The Thomas Cole National Historic Site  (this link is much better better than the official National Park Service website) is a must stop for those interested in the Hudson River School of landscape painting

I like the juxtaposition of color in this image.  You have the blue background reflected by the big bell putting a ray of blue into the lower half of the image.  There is also the brown handle moving the color brown of the lower half into the blue upper half.

You can also just make out the shadow of the big bell to the right of the bell.  I thought this might have been my shadow at first, but looking closely you can see the curve of the bell in the shadow.  I found it interesting that the shadow was pointed to the right since the primary light source is a window to the right.  There must have been a secondary light source to the left to cast the shadow right.

Thomas Cole National Historic Site: N42 13 32.79 W73 51 41.40




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