Falling Crayolas

On December 9, 2017, in Pennsylvania, by admin

Falling Crayons (click to enlarge)

Driving north past Easton Pa, we saw a sign for the Crayola Experience.  Of course, we had to visit on the way back home.

The original image is below.  I took that one from the parking garage across the street.  I knew that was not a very inspiring image, but there were elements that I really liked such as the crayons, blue sky, and clouds.

So what do you do when your perfect composition is scattered about the image?  Move the good parts to where they need to be!  I selected the crayons and box and moved them to the cloudy background, then cropped out everything else.

When you are out with your camera, take pictures of everything.  You can always move elements within the image, or even combine elements from different images into a new, better image (like this one of balloons at Disneyworld).

If you are in the Easton area and have kids, the Crayola Experience is worth at least a half day.  The rest of the town around the Crayloa Experience is worth exploring and has some nice restaurants.

Crayola Experience, Easton PA: N40 41 27.47 W75 12 35.04

Crayola Experience, Easton PA



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