Loretto Chapel Crucifix Tree

On October 19, 2017, in New Mexico, by admin
Loretto Chapel Crucifix Tree

Loretto Chapel Crucifix Tree (click to enlarge)

I arrived at the Loretto Chapel about 15 minutes before opening time.  While wandering around the area I noticed a tree to the left of the entrance with numerous crucifixes hanging from the branches.  I spent the time before opening working various compositions.

The tree is in a shaded area, and there was a slight breeze blowing.  I used a higher ISO to get a faster shutter speed to reduce blurring.  I also sed a larger aperture to reduce depth of field to keep everything but the center crucifix with the red, white, and blue beads out of focus.

This turned out to be a nice little image captured during some dead time waiting for another photography location to open.

Loretto Chapel: N35 41 08.23 W105 56 15.06

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