Pecos National Historic Park

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Pecos National Historic Park

Pecos National Historic Park (click to enlarge, or maybe not)

Here is the main pueblo at Pecos National Historic Park.

This is a “stacked focus” image.  I took three images, one focused on the foreground, one focused on the poles in the middle, and one focused on the pueblo.  I have done this many, many, many times on the images in this blog and always had great results.  However, this image just did not stack up properly.  To see what I mean, zoom into the right side of the pueblo or the pole in the middle.  Zooming in you will see ghost edges.  Also, look at the flowers in the lower right corner, these are blurry.  I might be able to blame the flower blur on the wind which could shift the flowers between exposures.  But I have no explanation for the edges of the poles and pueblo ghosting.  I used a tripod and all of the images have the same focal length and exposure settings.

So why include such a technically bad image?  Well, I wanted to show that Pecos National Historic Park is definitely worth a visit!

BTW, after spending time in the visitor center, it is possible to drive and park next to the pueblo.  Drive out of the parking lot, take the first right, and you can park within yards of where this image was taken.

Pecos National Historic Park: N35 32 58.1 W105 41 21.69 

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