MH-53J #68-10367

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MH-53J #68-10367

MH-53J #68-10367 (click to enlarge)

Meet MH-53J #68-10367.  The aircraft is located just inside the gate to Cannon Air Force Base.  #68-0367 is a famous aircraft within the Air Force Special Operations Command.  Here is part of the text on the plaque in front of the aircraft:

On 17 January 1991 this aircraft was part of a flight of aircraft that kicked-off Operation DESERT STORM.  It penetrated Iraqi airspace as a member of Task Force Normandy, leading U.S. Army AH-64 Apache helicopters to strike enemy radar installations and clearing the way for the follow-on campaign.  

Here is a link to a pretty detailed history of the MH-53 Pave Low helicopter.  The front cover of this paper shows a sister ship of #68-10367 in all of its gritty glory.  You can read about Task Force Normandy starting on Page 305 of that paper in the section entitled Eve of Combat.

I actually took this image around 0200 (2:00 AM for my civilian followers).  I had taken a few images of the aircraft during the day, but there is just too much background clutter.  At that point I decided to take a night image.  At night most of the background is black with a few stray lights.  I cut out the distractions and made the background a uniform black.  I used a focal length of 24mm and positioned my tripod just beside the in-flight refueling probe (that grayish bulbous thing in the left front foreground).

MH-53J #68-10367: N34 24 03.34 W103 19 05.16

Apparently the aircraft has not been in this spot very long as it does not appear on GoogleEarth.




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