Black and White Lobster Pot Stack

On June 17, 2017, in Nova Scotia, by admin
Black and White Pot Stack

Black and White Pot Stack (click to enlarge)

Besides a blacksmith shop, the other subjects I just cannot walk by without setting up my camera are … lobster pots.  Can’t walk past them without capturing images.  A stack of lobster pots make for the classic repeating pattern composition.

I took this image on the pier at Port Morien, Nova Scotia.  When we drove through the town almost every house had a display set up in their front yard with people dummies.  We had no idea what was going on until a week or two later when we met someone from Port Morien in a B&B in Wolfville.  They said the decorations were part of the Port Morien people celebration, Morien Memories.  This is a come home weekend celebration where former residents come back to visit.  Sort of like a high school reunion for the entire town.

Port Morien, Nova Scotia: N46 07 51.86 W59 52 09.85

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