William Sprague Keyboard

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Sprague Keyboard

William Sprague Keyboard (click to enlarge)

Here is a piano keyboard in the Cape Forchu Lighthouse and Museum.  If you take the ferry from Portland ME to Yarmouth Nova Scotia, Cape Forchu lighthouse is one of the first Nova Scotia lighthouses you see.  Once you get off the ferry it is about a 20 minute drive to the lighthouse grounds.

Cape Forchu is one of the iconic Nova Scotia lighthouses.  The museum is well done and presents an interesting take on the life of the lighthouse keeper and family.  On the day we arrived the staff was preparing the grounds for an awards ceremony.  They were receiving a government grant for being the best lighthouse in Nova Scotia.  We visited many lighthouses around Nova Scotia and Cape Forchu was one of the finest.

Cape Forchu Lighthouse and Museum N43 47 39.11 W66 09 19.83

Row Boat and Red House

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Row Boat

Row Boat and Red House (click to enlarge)

This image comes from near Lunenburg Nova Scotia.  While staying in Lunenburg, we spent a few hours driving Blue Rocks Road to explore the area east of Lunenburg.  We found this little scene at, literally, the end-of-the-road in Stonehurst East.  At the time we were randomly taking turns in the road just to see what was out there.  This is the first of three nice images taken between Lunenburg and Stonehurst East.

During our trip around Nova Scotia we frequently left the main roads and randomly wandered around the coast.  If you go to Nova Scotia, take the scenic route and allow yourself plenty of time to explore and become distracted by all of these little coves, piers, and the coastline.

Stonehurst East Nova Scotia N44 21 48.99 W64 12 44.97

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Bobbins on Spool

Bobbins on Spool (click to enlarge)


Here is another image from Lowell National Historic Park.  This is the part of the machine where all of those bobbins in the previous post go to make linen.  The shear number of bobbins required within this small area of the mill is impressive.  I now understand why there are so many bobbins in antique stores wherever you go.  This room alone had a lifetime bobbin supply for even the biggest antique store.

I did not have my tripod when I went into the milling room so I had to hand hold my camera for all of the images.  In some cases I was able to brace myself against a pillar or railing.  In other cases, like the image above, I was unable to brace against anything and the images came out a little bit soft.  Don’t make my mistake, take your tripod into the linen mill.  There is plenty of room in the area that you can move your tripod out of the way of other visitors if need be.

Lowell National Historic Park N42 38 49.89 W71 18 34.32