Drift Wood

On March 20, 2016, in Costa Rica, by admin
Driftwood Patterns

Driftwood Patterns

While walking on the beach in Costa Rica, I noticed these black patterns on the sand as water trickled from the jungle to the ocean.  I took several images of various patterns, but could not seem to get one in some sort of context, or one that was really interesting.

I then noticed this piece of driftwood with a sand pattern running away from it.  To me, this one kind of looks like water running from a faucet or shower head.

This is actually a composite of three images.  I used f/22 for each image and focused on the top, middle, and bottom of the composition.  Combining the three images in Photoshop results in an image that is sharp from top to bottom (focus stacking).

A single image focused in the middle of the composition would likely have resulted in blurring along the top and bottom of the image.  By using the focus stacking technique, I did not have to worry about depth of field and have sharply focused grains of sand throughout the image.

Costa Rican Beach: N10 36 37.48 W85 41 22.59

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