Cinderella Castle GIF

On December 24, 2015, in Disney World, by admin
Cinderella Castle GIF

Cinderella Castle GIF (click on image to activate GIF animation)

During a recent trip to Walt Disney World, we watched one of the evening shows at the Magic Kingdom.  This show consisted of music and the ever-changing Cinderella’s Castle.  I had my camera on a tripod and tried to capture an image every time a new design appeared.  Because of the near constant changing of the design, many of the images captured the transition between designs and ended up as a blur of colors.

I did manage to capture about a dozen clear images of various designs.  In Photohop, you can stack these images together and create a gif file.  Click on the image above to activate the gif.  Use your browsers Back button to return to this page.

It might take a few seconds for the animation to begin, and it might also be jerky in the beginning.  The animation should smooth out the longer it plays.  I don’t know why it does this, this is the first attempt at making an animated gif file.

Cinderella’s Castle: N28 25 09.91 W081 34 52.11

Candy Cane Christmas Light Text

Candy Cane Christmas Light Text (Click for larger image)

My wife planned a Disneyworld trip to see the Christmas lights they put up every year.  She also insisted that I put together a vacation poster like those I have done in the past.  To change it up a little, I wanted to make the text at the bottom of the poster more “Christmasy”.  Now, what says Christmas more than a string of lights and candy canes?  So I did some googling to see how to photoshop Christmas lights and candy canes.

First off, I found a GREAT youtube tutorial by Keeling Design & Media that walks you through the process to hang a strand of Christmas lights on letters (they also have a nice tutorial on making rope lights).  However, the light bulbs used in the Keeling Design video are pretty basic.  Instead of using the Keeling Design lights, I drew mine using a tutorial by Buckle Up Studios.  The Buckle Up lights look just like the ones my parents used to hang on our tree way back in the day (tutorial here).

While searching for Christmas light tutorials, I ran across another tutorial on making candy cane letters by Ice Flow Studios (tutorial here).  Combine the three tutorials and you get the image above.  Once you work through the process the first time, it is very simple to spell out anything you need.

My wife is very excited to see the finished project.