Nova Scotia Road Signs

On August 20, 2015, in Nova Scotia, Photoshop Tips, by admin

Nova Scotia Road Signs

We recently returned from an extended vacation in Nova Scotia.  While driving around looking at numerous lighthouses, we followed several scenic routes as shown on various Nova Scotia websites and in the map we used.  Signs like those above were scattered along each route, and I immediately thought they would make a nice element in our traditional vacation poster.

Unfortunately, I could not get a good set of images of all of the signs.  The light was never right, some were rusted, some had holes in them, some were faded.  Instead of trying to edit a bunch of borderline images, I first searched the web for the signs.  Nope, I never found a crisp set of signs.  As a result, I decided to draw my own set using Photoshop.

I started by scanning very small images of each sign from my lighthouse guidebook.  I then enlarged these in Photoshop.  Not surprisingly, this resulted in images with very poor resolution.  However, the resolution was more than adequate for using the Pen tool to trace around all of the shapes and letters to create a nice set of signs.

I have all of these signs in Photoshop psd files.  If you need them for a project of your own, I am happy to share!