White Oak Falls Once Again With Texture

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White Oak Falls with Texture

White Oak Falls with Texture (click to enlarge)

This is the same image from the previous post except this one includes a “texture” layer in Photoshop.  Note the “swirly” pattern on the foreground rock, the rocks along the left side, and the sky in the upper right corner.  This pattern comes from an image of a dead tree with lots of grain.  In Photoshop you can blend layers containing the waterfall and the knotty tree to add the appearance of texture.

Using the Opacity and Blending Mode settings, you can vary the amount that the knotty tree pattern shows through on the waterfall layer.

Next time you go shooting, take some images of interesting textures for use in post processing.  If you are shooting old barns, take close up images of the wood slats.  If you are shooting old buildings, close ups of the bricks make a nice texture.  In this case the use of a wood texture complements the landscape image.

Another tip is to use side lighting on your texture images.  This increases the sense of texture.  A reflector is a good tool for adding side lighting.  Cowboy Studios makes some nice, inexpensive reflectors that fit nicely in my camera backback.

White Oak Falls

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White Oak Falls

White Oak Falls (click to enlarge)

White Oak Falls is one of the most impressive waterfalls in Shenandoah National Park.  When you visit the falls you can either park above the falls and hike down, or park below the falls and hike up.  I have done it both ways and I FAR AND AWAY advise you to park below the falls and hike up.  That way you are walking down hill at the end of the day.  Furthermore, I suggest you leave your camera in the bag until you reach the big falls.  Then pull your camera out and shoot your way back to the car.

Here is a link to a map of the area.  If you decide to park above the falls and walk down, I suggest you park in the Crescent Rock Overlook lot and walk down Skyline Drive to the White Oak fire road.

By the way, we saw a bear crossing the road just before we pulled into the parking lot.  Unfortunately, we were not quick enough to get our cameras out of the bag.

Location: N38 32 56.3 E078 22 38.0

Posters – Gelateria of Italy

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Italian Gelateria Poster

Gelateria of Italy Poster (click to enlarge)

Posters make a nice reminder of a special trip.  During your trip take lots of pictures with a theme of some sort.  Better yet, pick several potential themes since you never know how many images you will get of one theme, or if that theme will even work once you start building your poster.  Everyone has seen posters of Irish Doors,  many towns have posters of the various bars.  You should build your own posters to personalize the memories hanging on your walls.

The poster above has the signs of various gelateria we visited during an Italian vacation.  Along the edges of the poster are the flavors of gelato we enjoyed (I should say thoroughly enjoyed!).  Yes, we had over 50 different flavors.  The signs are from gelateria in Venice, Florence, Sienna, Manarola, Bellagio, Vernazza, and San Gimignano.  Not a bad gelatto among the entire bunch!

The best?  Far and away Vizio Virtu in Venice.

This poster is 24″ x 36″.   I had it printed out at Costco for less than $10, a real bargain!